Choose your TV with care

To be able to enjoy online poker or a poker tournament at home you need to choose a great lcd hdtv.

Our TV experts will give you pros and cons for different tvs and technologies such as LCD, Plasma and LED.

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Older technology then LED but still a very common technology. Perfect as your first TV.


Plasma is the oldest technology of the three for HDTVs but has the best black colour of them. Best for poker tournaments.


LED is the newest and most expensive technology. Best overall technology for both online poker and poker tournaments.

Welcome to TV heaven

Choosing a TV should be done with extreme care, as you will spend most of your days in front of it, watching different poker tournaments or playing at your favourite poker network. We will try to help you to decide which big screen you should go for either if you are ready to spend a lot of money or if you want a more economic solution.

If you are a pro online poker player you will most likely want go with a LCD or LED if you can afford it as it is the best screens for using together with your computer. If you are more into watching tournaments you might want to consider a Plasma as it will give you better colour then LCD and LED.

Top 3 LCDhdtv brands


The company was founded in South Korea in the year 1938.


This is the second largest company after Samsung in South Korea that produces TVs. It was founded in 1947.

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Sony is the largest electronic producer in Japan and third in the world after Samsung and LG. Founded in 1947 by Masaru Ibuka